Part and Full Time Careers for Realtors in NJ

Daunno Realty is offering tuition re-imbursement for anyone considering pursuing a part or full time career in New Jersey Real Estate sales. Daunno Realty will pay for you to get a New Jersey real estate license.Daunno Realty Services, LLC (DRS) is seeking real estate sales associates to help build the foundation of our company. Whether you are a real estate novice interested in our tuition re-imbursement plan or a seasoned agent looking to switch to a high tech, forward thinking real estate sales company, DRS may have a place for you.

Make no mistake; this opportunity is not for everyone. Here at Daunno, we are looking for aggressive and motivated entrepreneurs who are open to taking an out of the box approach to residential real estate sales. Below please find the ways Daunno helps our agents profit, the benefits of our company, and a brief statement from our broker on our future philosophy and direction of our company.

Ways Agents Can Profit:

Traditional Listings and Sales – Without question, helping customers buy and sell homes and properties is the basis of any career in real estate. At Daunno Realty, we offer aggressive commission splits with minimal fees to help our agents maximize their profits.

Referrals Fees for Agent Recruitment – Have you ever met someone who you feel would be an ideal real estate agent? Do you have a friend already working in real estate who is not happy with their current office or situation? At Daunno Realty, we reward agents who look to further our brand and recruit new talent.  
Broker Price Opinions
– At Daunno Realty, we realize the most challenging aspect of starting a career in real estate is the first 6 months. As with any commission based business, finding ways to profit when getting started or when the listing or sales end of the business is slow is imperative. With that in mind, we encourage all of our new agents to work with our office BPO trainer and develop a secondary source of income in the field of broker price opinions!  The benefit of broker price opinions (or BPOs) as part time work is that it keeps our agents highly involved in the field of real estate, as well as earning money, even when they are not helping clients buy or sell. 

Referral Fee for Finding Construction Projects for Daunno Development: Ever had a client interested in a “fixer-upper” but don’t know where to start? Have you ever had a client looking for new construction, but couldn’t find “the perfect home.” Given Daunno Realty’s roots and ties to the New Jersey Real Estate Development Firm, Daunno Development Company, LLC, we have created a profit sharing arrangement that pays our agents for construction leads from just these types of clients.

Benefits of Daunno Realty

No Exorbitant Office or Desk Fees: At Daunno Realty, the only fees our agents are responsible for are those mandated by the state. These would be Realtor dues, MLS fees, and bi-annual license renewal fees. For agents actively buying and selling, insurance premiums will be charged on the back end of sales, not up front.

No Mandatory Floor Time:
At Daunno Realty, we encourage our agents to work from home. With home computers, printer-copier-scanners, and cell phones, the need for agents to log countless hours behind a desk have come and gone. While we do provide desks, copiers, scanners, fax machines, and a conference room in our office for agents use, the reality is that most of a real estate agents business is done outside the office.

Access to 5 New Jersey Multiple Listing Services – At Daunno Realty, we feel that our inclusion in 5 MLS systems allows our agents to be geographically unlimited within the central and northern portion of the state. Currently, Daunno Realty is open with the Garden State MLS, The Hudson County MLS, The Middlesex County MLS, The Monmouth / Ocean County MLS, and TREND. Given this access, we have agents working in Union, Middlesex, Essex, Morris, Somerset, Hudson, Monmouth, Mercer, and Ocean Counties.   

Variable Rate Commission Structure: At Daunno, we believe in the philosophy that in real estate … the business is yours … and we allow you to negotiate a commission structure with a client that varies and can be as low as 4%. Want to do a family member a favor and save them some money? Haven’t sold a home in a while and need to get the listing? Keep the commission low. Have a client who wants all of the bells and whistles … post cards, color brochures, luxury tours … negotiate up as these are costly items … but, never feel locked in to a company or industry standard.

Tuition and Training Re-imbursement for all agents: Need help paying for real estate school? Interested in getting further training in your career and want to attend classes for a GRI, ABR, BPOR, etc? At Daunno Realty, we encourage further education and will help our agents financially with these items!

Open Minded Team with Experience in all aspects of real estate: The agents currently at Daunno Realty run a large spectrum of real estate skill and experience. To date, we’ve had lawyers, home builders, home inspectors, real estate investors, full time BPO agents, insurance and mortgage sales people, and teachers all become part of our team. Given this wide array of experience, we have resources in virtually all aspects of real estate.  Should you have an idea or opportunity and are looking for a team to help you evaluate or cultivate it, we are the place!

A Message from Broker Rudy Daunno to potential agents:
Time and time again, people ask me about my company philosophy … what makes Daunno Realty Services different? There is a real estate agency on every corner … why Daunno?

My mission over the years has been to build a company vested in the next generation of real estate. My path to get here has been different than most … I was not brought up in a franchise system with corporate goals overshadowing individual ideas. I started from scratch, opened my own business, and hired my first broker before completing real estate school. Over the years I’ve worked everything from short sales and REOs to luxury home sales. I’ve been responsible for the construction of nearly 50 homes. I see the real estate world with a different prospective than most. I want to take my experiences, both good and bad, and use them to help better prepare my agents for the challenges ahead.

Let me start with some facts.
Did you know that the average age of a real estate agent in this country is 57? Meanwhile, the average US worker is 42 and the average first time buyer is 31. What this tells me is that while older Realtors still have a place in the system, the old ways of doing business are becoming obsolete. And, who better to lead the path to targeting Generation X and Y buyers and seller then myself? I am a 32 year old real estate broker who has ate, slept, and breathed this business for the last 10 years.

My goal at Daunno Realty is to build a company for the next 30 years … constantly upgrading and improving … move us away from the last 30 years … and into the future of the business. In order to do this, I’ve targeted specific areas that I believe are lacking in the “big franchises” and aimed to correct them here at our smaller, more boutique style office. The issues I believe to be plaguing the current industry are:

  1. Finding ways to create multiple revenue streams for our agents: A great office starts and ends with great agents. In order to retain great agents, an office needs to create ways for those agents to make a living. And, I am not just talking about top producing agents. If you are experienced and have a built in client base, some of our concepts won’t be for you … instead, you may be more concerned with minimal fees and a better commission split. If you are new to the business, you may want to learn how to do broker price opinions while you work to get your sales business up and running. BPOs provide an excellent wat to create an income base for newer agents. Regardless of your focus, at Daunno Realty, we will tailor an agreement to best suit your needs and goals.

  2. Internet is King: People have less time than ever. Open houses, newspaper and magazine advertising, and the days of showing clients 15 homes in a day has become obsolete. With this in mind, the focus of all Daunno Realty’s advertising revolves around maximum internet exposure. Taking this a step further, we have created a marketing strategy that best showcases a property on the internet so a potential buyer can accurately pre-qualify or dismiss a home without ever stepping inside. For this reason, professional photography, virtual floor plans, and virtual tours are the corner stones of what we do.

  3.  Quality over Quantity: Whether it is limit the sales team to 15 quality agents, rather than 50 suspect part timers or training our agents to go the extra mile in working with the absolute best listing products … we stress quality over quantity every time.

Experience the Daunno Difference:
If you are ready to begin a dynamic, challenging and rewarding career in real estate, you've definitely come to the right place. With Daunno, we can offer our agents the training and resources necessary to give them unlimited income potential. No matter what obstacle may arise, we at DRS constantly encourage, evaluate and educate our employees, preparing them for the challenges they may face.

For more information or to schedule an interview, please call us at 732-910-3043
or e-mail us at:

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