Daunno Development

Land Acquisitions, Construction and Home Sales

Daunno Realty and Daunno Development work together to identify and develop parcels of prime real estate throughout New Jersey. New Jersey land Development.By engaging the expertise of our Real Estate Development Specialists, we can better analyze our client's current home market conditions from a construction standpoint. We believe this feature puts our organization on a different level then most all other Full Service Real Estate Sales providers.

Unlike most real estate sales companies, Daunno has the capability of preparing both a Comparative Market Analysis and a Construction Estimate under the same roof. Utilizing both of these tools, we are equipped to help homeowners evaluate whether or not they feel a home improvement, knockdown, or move best suits their particular wants and needs.

Taking this idea a step further, we can have the Civil Engineers on our staff prepare preliminary floor plans and estimates with renovation and expansion ideas for older homes. These plans can show future buyers the real world costs associated with purchasing a fixer upper or “as is” home.

Together, DRS and Daunno Development can benefit:

Buyers and investors by:

1.) Giving them real life construction estimates on investment homes and properties.
2.) Helping them analyze the market where they plan to invest.
3.) Working hand in hand with them to create a vision for their home or property.

We believe that helping a client confirm things such as lot coverage, zoning law, and the future building capabilities of current and future properties can do a lot to help assist them in making difficult decisions.

Sellers and current home owners by:

1.) Providing cost effective tips to increase the sale price or current value of their home.
2.) Affording them the benefit of a proven marketing system used in the sale of countless properties throughout the state.
3.) Giving them a realistic view of their home and their current market from the perspective of a construction and development expert.



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